We are a collective of three women writers in Phoenix, AZ who aim to bring poetry to the community through publications, workshops, and events.

We invite you to come listen and be heard.

We invite you to be real and weird with us.

Come squirm and read pretty words that we’ve worked really hard on.

We are committed to the self-empowerment and community-driven empowerment that comes with sharing your story, creating spaces full of bravery, joy, and freedom of self-expression.

By the same token, we aim to hold ourselves and others accountable for dismantling any dialogue and actions rooted in hatred, selfishness, racism, colonialism, sexism, ableism, classism, and snobbery. We will not discriminate based on academic background, experience, or knowledge-level.

No matter who you are, you are welcome here. This is a space of creation and a desire to absorb the beauty of creation, and there are no prerequisites other than being human.

Dogs, friendly cats, rescued lab rats, and other social furry friends are also welcome, but always check with establishments first and respect them please. They support us and are cool.